Play With Style delicious Woman on Top Position

As well as the position of men, then the position of women over jiga be one of many couples favorite position. Especially for those who want women to achieve satisfaction faster. Because this position can accelerate the penetration of a woman and at this position also makes women more actively directing their partners penis into the vagina is most sensitive.

With female sex positions above can also be carried out different variations. One is the position of women who do the rounds. Round is highly recommended dalah have sex because it can cause vibration of different pleasures and more varied taste.

To perform this technique are necessary exercise to keep the penis can not be separated or removed from the vagina while doing this movement. Do this exercise when you're having sex, do it to be and perfect.

To train this position the first thing to do is sit on the female body of men with each other face to face, and her partner can insert the penis into her vagina hole slowly, make sure when you and your partner penetration is already warmed up first to have happened "pelicinan" in the hole vagina so it can facilitate such an intimate relationship. Then, after the penis go do the twist with three movements, turning left or full right. Remember to hold each other.

The position is like the middle round of play swing, then the women sitting on his body like playing swing and finally back to a man's position of women.

Such a position is very mengguntungkan for women because it can explore the movement of the position should be more active than men, by contracting the vaginal muscles and can regulate the movement of the penis so men can mengesek point her G-Spot

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